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 Aquarium Maintenance and Setup

" Making a world of difference in your aquarium  "

55 Gallon Tank Mahongany
Great for any space in your home or office
55 Gallon Tank in med oak Sale and Lease Avalible
Great for home or office.
75 Gallon in wall unit ,We will design to you.
In wall units are great for living rooms,And family room.

   What is our passion

We've heard over and over again that everyone loves an aquarium, But no one likes the hassle of maintenance or setup.

With Michael's Waterworld you can leave all the maintenance and set up to us.

 "We will make a world of difference in your aquarium."

        Michaels Waterworld Provides

We provide Aquarium Maintenance for Salt Water, Fresh Water,Water Garden installation, Water garden  maintenance and shutdown.We

Install in wall aquarium units, free-standing aquariums with cabinets and canopys.We will consulte with you to find the perfect design for you

the best size and shape aquarium you are looking for,we use quality woods with no particleboard or pressesd woods.We offer a variety of easy

payment options so we can accommodate your needs.Water testing,Filter Changes, are just a few of the things we do when working for you.



   Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residential Homes

      We all can relate to being in a doctors office and waiting to see the doctor.

     The aquarium is another option for paients than watching tv or reading, Kids love to see fish swim and kepts them calm.

     We work directly with carpenters and contractors on projects to create amazing free-standing cabinets and canopys.

      And work with you the client to create a home or office design that will fit with wood styles and in tank decor.

      Built in wall aquariums that complement your home or office, designs are also very beautiful colorful and bright.

      Payment plans avalible.


  Buying or Leasing Avalible

 Leaseing an aquarium for the business is idea inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of an aquarium without the hassles.

Studies have shown the calming effect that aquariums have on paients.Now with easy maintenance programs you can lease or buy your

aquarium and leave the maintenance to us.We will work closely with you to develope a maintenance plan to meet your needs.

We'll schedule appointment times that are convenient for you.

Michaels Waterworld

Contact Us At  219-678-0809

E-mail Us At michaelswaterworld@hotmail.com

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